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Taney Place Friesians
4885 Adelina Road
Prince Frederick
Maryland, 20678
Phone: 410.535.2451

The Farm

Taney Place is known for it's Grand Champion alfalfa and orchardgrass hay. Oats, wheat, corn and soybeans are also raised on the farm, along with crossbred Angus cows and their calves. The farm is also home to 25 boarded horses where their owners can enjoy the pleasures of a working Blue ribbon imagefarm. Providing quality care and a pleasant environment are our main goals for the boarding operation.


Friesian Horse Association of
North America

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Welcome to Taney Place Friesians!

Located on an historic 320 acre farm on the Patuxent River in Southern Maryland, Taney Place Friesians is dedicated to breeding horses that represent the best of the Friesian breed. It seems only appropriate for this farm in Maryland to breed these regal horses, as one of it's owners participated in the State's sport of jousting as the "Knight of Taney Place". We love the Friesian for it's majestic appearance and it's easy going manner. As farmers, we appreciate the well-bred bloodlines, retaining the spirit and good sense along with the fantastic movement and conformation. Our horses are gentle and kind, producing foals that thrive with their excellent mothering and our imprinting at birth.

We invite you to enjoy our website, hoping you will be interested in one of our foals to add to your existing herd or to just make your dream of owning a Friesian come true.

Taney Place Friesians Farmhouse
Taney Place Friesians Farmhouse

Our Friesians!

Our foundation mares were imported from the Netherlands introducing the best bloodlines of the Friesian breed. They are fully registered with the Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek and FHANA and are shown each year at the Keurings.

Beitske  & Quincy (Champion Colt 2005 Keuring at Iron Spring Farm
Beitske & Quincy (Champion Colt at the 2005 Keuring at Iron Spring Farm!)
Ymke - Mare of Taney Place Friesians
Mare - Ymke T
Teunis X Lute

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